Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Grace Coman. I'm almost 10 and I homeschool with 6 of my brothers and sisters and some friends too.

We go to Prairie Winds Farm once or twice a week. I love to ride there with Charlotte and other friends. I love horses so much. When I first started riding, I rode an easy, gentle pony named Taffy. I learned how to groom her, and we walked and trotted. Then I started to ride more challenging horses. I've had a chance to ride other ponies that Charlotte has, like Sugar and Skittles. I am learning how to stay in control and train them to do what I want. Right now I like to ride Star because she gives me a challenge to keep her on track and calm. As a rider you have to be careful for things that might scare your horse, like a bee. One day I had to take a bee sting so that Star wouldn't get stung. I've fallen off about 4 times, which reminds me how to jump off safely and how to stay in control. I'm glad I have a helmet. I'm so thankful that Charlotte helps me and gives me the chance to ride and learn.

I also like taking hikes in the prairie (espeically when I'm on a horse!). There are so many beautiful flowers and trees. I love the chickens (espeically the eggs). I love the honey we buy from Charlotte. The pigs are interesting. It's been fun to watch the goats grow. I once saw a lamb be born and Charlotte named it Gracie. We are going to eat one of her turkeys for Thanksgiving. I actually love scooping poop and helping with farm chores like gathering eggs, feeding animals, because I feel connected to the farm. We learn so much from being there. Maybe I'll be a farmer some day. The farm is a great place to be.

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