Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anna, 7. : Young Prairie Winds Farmers, Uncut.

The farm is fun. Abigail showed me how to play the boo game. I like watching the pigs eating I don’t like gardening much But I like doing cartwheels on the grass. I like holding chicks I like helping harvest strawberries with Abigail. I like playing games with Abigail. I also like laying down and looking up into sky and watching birds flying in the sky. And I like going walking in the woods. And walking across the country. And picking flowers along the way. I like racing down the hill with Joshua. I also like sitting under the apple tree and picking a few apples. I also like washing vegetables my favorite one is potatoes I also like climbing trees but I

don’t do it much and digging potatoes.

And I like harvesting peas I also like eating a few peas sometimes when we go walking I like looking at the lake along I also like racing to see who gets to the woods first Abigail is always ahead of me.

I like running also sometimes when I get tired I like stopping to look at a log house.