Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is a picture of Charlotte on Star and Grace on Skittles before a trail ride.
Hi, I'm Grace Coman. I'm almost 10 and I homeschool with 6 of my brothers and sisters and some friends too.

We go to Prairie Winds Farm once or twice a week. I love to ride there with Charlotte and other friends. I love horses so much. When I first started riding, I rode an easy, gentle pony named Taffy. I learned how to groom her, and we walked and trotted. Then I started to ride more challenging horses. I've had a chance to ride other ponies that Charlotte has, like Sugar and Skittles. I am learning how to stay in control and train them to do what I want. Right now I like to ride Star because she gives me a challenge to keep her on track and calm. As a rider you have to be careful for things that might scare your horse, like a bee. One day I had to take a bee sting so that Star wouldn't get stung. I've fallen off about 4 times, which reminds me how to jump off safely and how to stay in control. I'm glad I have a helmet. I'm so thankful that Charlotte helps me and gives me the chance to ride and learn.

I also like taking hikes in the prairie (espeically when I'm on a horse!). There are so many beautiful flowers and trees. I love the chickens (espeically the eggs). I love the honey we buy from Charlotte. The pigs are interesting. It's been fun to watch the goats grow. I once saw a lamb be born and Charlotte named it Gracie. We are going to eat one of her turkeys for Thanksgiving. I actually love scooping poop and helping with farm chores like gathering eggs, feeding animals, because I feel connected to the farm. We learn so much from being there. Maybe I'll be a farmer some day. The farm is a great place to be.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Harvest Y'all!

Peppers, beans, potatoes, parsnips and eggs

Butternut squash and tomatoes

Pears, green beans and one apple

Lettuce etc.

Beautiful egg plant

Greens, spinach and basil

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August Veggies

"Purple" Green Peppers

Turnip Greens

Row of Cucumber

Collard Greens

Swiss Chard

Chives gone wild!


Lemon Balm

Sweet Basil



Brussel Sprout

Full Grown Parsnips

Green Beans






Sweet Potatoes



How to pick raspberries






Saturday, September 5, 2009