Saturday, June 20, 2009

Animals update as of June 2009. This is long overdue, but here it is.


Prairie Winds Nature Farm bees doing what they do best...making Honey!

Cute as can be little stubborn's not a cliché, goats are really stubborn.

The kids are not little any more.

These lambs are about a week old.

Farm and Garden Update as of June 2009

White Pickett fence garden



Egg plant




My bean and onion and spinach soup. A weekly lifesaver that the kids love.


If you ever find yourself with an excess of spinach and onions...
I believe onions are the secret ingredient for most good soups. Boil some beans, your choice, and toss half of the boiled beans into a blender.
Chop up some onions and sautee in olive oil or any oil. Add some garlic if you like. I also add a cube or two of beef bullion at this point. Add the pureed bean sauce and the other half of un-pureed beans. simmer for a few minutes and add salt and pepper to taste. Put in a Tupperware ready for a quick meal or side dish during the week.
When you are ready to re-heat a bowl, simply toss in some spinach leaves during the last 30 seconds in the microwave. The spinach wilts just enough to make a wonderful bowl of soup.

...we believe in the power of mulch sooo much, we don't even believe in other powers but we believe in the power of mulch.




Robin, Charlotte's daughter told me this was dill.

Rows of onions

Beets, turnips, bok choy

Bok choy





The strawberries have produced wonderfully this month. If you have an excess or have some battered ones, thanks to the excessive rains this week, whipping up strawberry jam is a snap. You can make a jar for the week by:
smashing 1 cup of less than perfect strawberries
Add 1 cup of sugar
and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
Cook over a low heat for a few minutes until the sugar is dissolved and then slowly while turning constantly bring it to a boil. Remove shortly after it boils and put in your jar. No need to hot water process it if you intend to use it during the week. Easy and delicious.