Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday April 18th Farm Day

The Newest additions to the farm are these Tamworth piglets. There are 5 in all and handsome looking as they can be. 

This is the absolute newest garden plot. With a good deal of help we got it fenced and chicken proofed ready for planting as soon as we can get it tilled. 

Here's a picture of the week old burned Prairie. Charlotte and Company burned a whole lot of Prairie and what a sight that was! Charlotte says it was  one of the more spectacular ones she has had. 

Everyone needs a good salad box after all. We are not taking any chances with the speculation of frost...yet this week.

Brocolli planted last week seems to be doing quite nicely. 

White Pickett Fence Garden already has peas galore and brocolli. Onions are next in line here and should be in by today, thanks Deb. Lettuce and spinach seedbeds were put up last week too on the northern end. The chickens cannot help themselves to the salad greens since there is chicken wire all around. Last fall we tilled and covered the whole garden with manure and leaves so by Spring it was ready for planting with no need to till. What genius! We are saving time and energy.

Potatoes planted in the Red Barn Garden. Four long rows. We had corn planted here last year and some unidentifiable vegetables overrun by weeds. This time we are preemptively taking on the weeds by leaving enough walkspace inbetween the rows to fit the tiller and ease weeding.

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